Luke is not a teddy bear consultant (sitting in the corner smiling). He believes that communicating directly, openly, and honestly is the most efficient and effective way to get to the root cause of any issue and the fastest way to make improvements. Consulting engagements can be for one-on-one development, start-up advisement, or company strategy.


Need a speaker for your event or a guest for your podcast? Luke enjoys covering a variety of topics including Time Prioritization (#Live20), Company Culture, Being Awesome, and Entrepreneurship. You may have to endure a couple of dad jokes (fair warning).


Half Day, Full Day, 2-Day options are available for groups that want to experience real, actionable plans of action and not BS rear-view mirror-forget-about-it-in-a- quarter, training. Luke takes his workshops on the road, so be on the look-out for an event or workshop coming near you.

What Luke Williams Brings to the Table:

Luke and his associates have been working with companies of all sizes and in all stages across various verticals. Luke has held executive seats and has lead departments including Sales and Operations.

Luke has been an entrepreneur his entire life (well, as far back as 8 years old). He has likely been where you are, has failed, and has had his share of successes. His ventures include a boutique wine shop, a catering company, a record label, and the Grab A Cloud agency (oh and that lemonade stand when he was 8).

Luke's approach to consulting and communication is direct but diplomatic. As he says, he isn't afraid to call the baby ugly.

An entrepreneur turned writer, Luke released his latest book, #Live20: Experiencing A Focused Life was released in November of 2018.

His relaxed and engaging writing style translates well to projects that require copywriting for marketing and sales campaigns.

With his broad experience and effective communication, he is an excellent option for those looking for a consultant and/or advisors to join them on their journey. He may not be for everyone, but maybe he is just what you need.

Let's See If It Makes Sense

Let us know what you need help with, we'll give you some ideas on how we would approach providing a solution. If it makes sense, we'll make it happen. No cost or obligation for this "discovery" call.