Your Baby Is Ugly

This is where most agencies would talk about their WHY or some other bullshit. We are the consultants who will call your baby ugly. If you aren't ready to hear the bad news, you aren't ready to talk with us. It is important that you know that from the beginning. We cut through the crap and get results. If you are ready for that, contact us now.

Our Story

Grab A Cloud has been helping entrepreneurs since 2011. We've pivoted and evolved but have stayed true to our passion which is to give entrepreneurs the best chance possible for success. We've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners in various industries. We've learned a lot over the years, probably most importantly, we've learned who we are and what we're good at. We know that we can't work with everyone so we aren't focused on trying to appeal to the masses. Frankly, we only need a small number of clients to meet our objectives - so we are going to just be ourselves and operate and communicate with authenticity.

We hope you like who we are - if you don't, that's cool, we do.

Grab A Cloud Core Team

While we work with talented partners and contractors to make sure we deliver top-notch work, we are a small team at the core. Read a bit about the team below and click the buttons if you would like to learn more.


Could B. You

Business Mechanic / Client Services

Let's Find Out If It Makes Sense

Let's get things started with a phone call. We'll see if it make sense to work together. Hopefully, you've gathered that we are up-front, honest, and accessible - if you are into that sort of thing from consultants then let's get the conversation started.


The Grab A Cloud Guarantee

We aren't interested in nickel and diming clients. If you don't like what we're doing, you don't have to pay.


How We Work

We're flexible. As an entrepreneur, we know it is important that you work on your own terms. We get it. We're happy to work when and where you work but honestly prefer a remote relationship (it's not you, it's us).


Core Values

  • Be Curious
  • Find The Better Way
  • Everyone Is An Entrepreneur
  • Be Yourself (everyone else is taken)
  • Speak Your Mind
  • No Excuses

Neat, what now?

We'd love to work with you, but only if it is a good fit. If you have questions feel free to book a meeting with Luke here, or you can stay in the know with email updates by clicking that little button on the right and filling out the form.