1:1 Consulting

The direct and honest feedback you probably need to take your career to the next level or to get your idea off the ground. Whether you are starting a venture, searching for a new job, stuck in a rut, or just aren't sure what you need, we should discuss potential solutions.

Group Workshops

#Live20 based workshops are available for small groups within organizations and to the public. Workshops are typically monthly, stay tuned for updates on upcoming events. The next scheduled event is June 20, 2019 in Raleigh, NC.

Operations Strategist

Need help with selecting, customizing, implementing, and getting your team to use the right CRM? Seems easy on paper. It isn't. With Luke's experience in Sales, Marketing, and Operations, he can orchestrate beautiful music so your company operates harmoniously.

Start-up Advisor

Need help getting to customer #1 or maybe you have a few clients and need to scale. Luke can assist in building your processes and procedures with a combined perspective of Sales, Operations, and Marketing to ensure scalability and repeatability (and also Founders' sanity).


If you want writing from a human, let's talk. Too many sales and marketing emails and website copy have a stench of a used car salesman and your prospects can smell it a mile away. Grab A Cloud can help you with email campaigns, website copy, and LinkedIn profile enhancement. If you need some words put together that sound human let us know.

#Live20 Coach

Based on Luke's book, #Live20: Experiencing A Focused Life. These coaching sessions help you identify your Vision, set appropriate Goals, Lead with your agenda, Get the right stuff done, and become mindful of how you are trading your time. If time is your most valuable asset, shouldn't you have a coach to help you manage it? (You have someone help you manage your money, right?)


Luke's version of talking to his younger self is mentoring folks who are new in their career making a career pivot or are considering starting their own thing. Mentoring spots are limited and are entirely free.

Email Luke if interested

Podcast Guest

Luke enjoys joining podcast hosts in discussions about company culture, writing, marketing, sales, time management, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

Podcast Host

Complete an application to be a guest on the Grab A Cloud Podcast. This is a great opportunity to spread your message, talk about your brand, and get in front of a new audience.


Grab A Cloud Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, you don't pay. We have no interest in a money grab or nickel and diming clients. The goal of the discovery call is to figure out for both sides if a relationship will make sense. If we work together, and the outcome doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, you don't pay. It is that simple. No likey = No Invoice.

Where and How Grab A Cloud Works

Grab A Cloud's office and recording studio are located in Wake Forest, NC. Luke will travel as needed to work onsite with clients but most consulting is conducted via Zoom conference calls, Slack, and G-Suite.


Let's Connect And See If It Makes Sense To Work Together!

No cost or obligation. Just a conversation. Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you just know the challenge you are facing. Let's chat and figure out if we should do something together. If not, that's fine too.