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Work-from-Home Culture

Current events are creating a new reality for the way we will work, even if it is temporary. 

Transitioning to a Remote Workforce model is more than just asking your employees to login in and do their tasks from home. The logistics of managing, training, and communicating with your team will all change. You’re in uncharted waters, and time is of the essence…

We can help.

you’ve got a lot of questions

We Have Answers

We work quickly and communicate directly. We aren’t teddy bear consultants who fill you with warm fuzzies; we call the baby ugly. We challenge our clients, ask questions that you might not have thought about, and then we help you find a solution unique to your team’s needs. 


How are you delivering expectations to your team?

Are you effectively interacting with your customers and prospects?

Is your team’s communication timely and effective?


How are you conducting virtual training ?

Are your managers prepared to operate in this adjusted culture?

Are you providing skilling-up opportunities to your staff?


Is your team on the same page about your operational vision?

Does your employee behavior match your vision?

Is your team really engaged?


Is your sales process optimized?

Do you have reporting that is actionable?

Is your team actually using your CRM?

What are the next steps?

When you’re ready, we’re ready.

Our approach is catered to your company’s unique needs. Here’s how we’ll get to know your team’s situation and begin addressing the most time-sensitive, performance-driving logistical issues you may be facing:

Discovery and Expectations 

We’ll start out with an Alignment Call to review your present processes, team dynamics, and operational structure. You’ll be assigned a project member from our team depending on the expertise most critical to your performance. They’ll be your point of contact, but you’ll receive guidance from the entire Grab a Cloud team as we work together. 

Communication, Tools and Processes

Soon after the Alignment Call, we’ll establish internal and external messaging services for your team. Our expertise in various communication platforms means we’ll pick the technology best suited to your industry and goals. Reporting, Dashboards, and Metrics will be adjusted so that your managers can focus on employee performance and productivity. 

Monitoring and Adjustments 

After we’ve identified and implemented the best technology platforms for your team, we’ll continue to oversee your transition to a Remote Workforce Model, adjusting our strategy as your needs change. We’ll facilitate virtual meetings with your management team to ensure everyone’s concerns are heard, and to help them navigate their changing roles as team leaders.