#Live20: Experiencing A Focused Life is a practical guide to time prioritization, building routines, and goal attainment. Through the Daily Path Agenda, you will build a routine that will help you take daily steps closer to your Vision. #Live20 is a mindset and requires mindfulness, confidence, and discipline. This book helps shape that mindset; to get the most out of life, so you are experiencing time and not just spending it.


One-on-One Coaching

Work with a certified #Live20 Coach to put the methodologies in the book into practice. Your coach will work with you over the course of five (5) weeks taking you from your Vision to creating your routine to get on your Path to make that Vision a reality.


Virtual WorkShop

Can't make it to one of our live workshops? We'll come to your computer! Join us for our virtual workshop series. You'll get access to the recording of the workshop as well as supporting materials including a signed copy of #Live20.


Group Workshops

Work with a group of inspired professionals who gather to work on getting their shit together. This full-day engagement is action-packed with value to implement in your daily professional and family life. It won't be easy, but it will be awesome.

Workshops postponed until further notice. Stay Safe!

"#Live20 was a game-changer for me. It wasn't easy at first, but it has entirely changed my outlook on my daily routine and how I use my time. I'd recommend anyone looking at ways to achieve their goals (personal and professional) ... I'm glad I did."

"One of the biggest reasons people don't reach their goals and live their dreams, aside from fear, is not having the focus and prioritization to move their goals forward. Luke has the answer. Stop frittering away your life (career)..."

""...if you want to find more time and get more done while experiencing life."