Sales Coach / Trainer

Need a performance lift from your sales teams? Christia has created a management tool kit and engagement program to help your team achieve its sales targets by understanding their motivators, driving accountability, and rewarding desired behaviors.

Entrepreneur Coach

Christia has a tremendous amount of experience in owning and operating businesses. She understands the challenges of balancing home life and pursuing dreams - she has done it herself and will help you figure it out.

Business Coach

Christia enjoys working with business leaders to ensure they have the fundamental tools as well as the know-how to get started and stay going strong. From Business Plan through Business Development, Christia is a great asset.


About Christia

Christia is a pro at getting stuff done! She can give you the results you need without the wasted time of the fluff. She truly enjoys seeing the end results of hard work.

"When not closing deals you can catch me at some sort of youth sporting event with my son or on a beach. Let’s talk! If nothing else, I’m pretty funny so our talk will certainly brighten your day!"


Christia's Experience

Christia has tons of experience in sales & leadership. Like Luke, she has been an entrepreneur since a young age - at only 7 years old (She likes to point out that she a full year younger than Luke was when he started - she is a tad competitive). Back then, Young Christia made magnets and went door to door selling them. While her sales pitch wasn't as fine-tuned as it is today, she had begun her entrepreneurial journey and her determination and passion have not diminished.

Christia has contributed her talents on several projects with companies in every stage: from start-us to larger companies that needed a boost.


Work With Christia

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#Live20 Individual Coaching

Want to work on yourself? Luke will take you through five sessions over the course of a month or so to identify your Vision, set your Goals and develop a routine to ensure you are on a Path to get the right shit done!

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Fractional Sales Director

Christia will sit in your Sales Director seat and give your team a boost with her proven method for coaching, motivating, managing, and leading sales reps.

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Business Coaching

Need a partner on your entrepreneurial journey? Christia will be in your corner to cut through the crap and help you get your business where you want it to be - working less in your business and more on your business.

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Jacqueline Graham Says:


Christia helped to increase my business strategicially from a few thousand to over one million in volume over her time coaching me with incredible coaching and development skills. Christia can plan, create, and market any business and build a strong presence. She’s an excellent speaker and leader. She’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore.  She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires. In short, Christia is a person with vision. Christia‘s fun and friendly personality are just icing on the cake of her many other qualifications.

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Blake Johnson Said:

I have teamed with Christia on numerous projects, and each one was successful and enjoyable. Her passion to succeed is second to none. Her positivity is contagious and it greatly affects everyone around her.

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Justin Weber Said:

Christia has a variety of topics that she is knowledgeable about. She is a go-getter and has never been in a bad mood! Always happy to lead, and be supportive, when needed. 

Next Steps

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