90 Day Right-Path Program



Fundamental Business Tools + Business Coaching

  • Custom CRM Build
  • CRM Documentation and Training
  • #Live20 Books and Guides
  • Ugly Baby Consulting Call
  • Weekly Meeting Guidance
  • Establish Vision, Core Values, KPIs
  • Business Plan / Business Model
  • Handbook and Process Documentation
  • QBR Design and Guidance

You’ve landed on your idea and have the basics set-up. What’s next? How do you get clients and make some money so you can live your dream and take your business to the next level? We’ll coach your staff on the #Live20 method of time prioritization to make sure your team is getting the right stuff done in an efficient way. We’ll help you establish your Business Development process and training, customize your CRM, develop your KPIs and your initial QBR structure and document your unique way of doing business in a handbook and process document.


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