Leadership Team Meeting & Strategic Workshop



This is an action-packed, high-value day of getting your Leadership Team focused and aligned on priorities and commitments for the upcoming Quarter and/or Year. No matter where your organization is (start-up, emerging, high-growth, broken, anywhere) your team will find value in this program.

We’ll go through the following modules in this full-day session:
* Vision Building
* Core Values
* Leap of Faith Assumptions
* What’s Working / What’s Not
* Brainstorming and Prioritizing All Ideas/Issues/Barriers
* Assigning Commitments with Specific Actions and Goals
* Scorecard with KPIs for each role in the organization (Additional modules may be covered depending on the type, size, stage, and disfunction level of your company)

The end result will be:
* A Leadership Team that has clear marching orders for the next Quarter/Year
* A Leadership Team that feels that their voice has been heard and their input is valued
* A crystal clear plan of action to get the right stuff done in the next quarter
* A Leadership Team that has improved communication, trust, and buy-in.

This meeting will be facilitated virtually. We can come to you, of course, we would just need to discuss logistics and costs.


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