Industries We Serve

The size of Grab A Cloud's Team translates to collectively broad expertise; we're ready to take on any sales team (in any company, in any industry, and in any stage of transition to remote work). We'll create a unique strategy based off of your company's goals and your team's most pressing needs.

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Our Approach

After we get to know your company's present situation, we'll assess which technologies and communication platforms will maximize your remote team's performance.

At the heart of our approach is robust documentation of processes and training.This allows us to build up a Remote Workforce Model that is repeatable and scalable. 


We'll help you select and phase in the technology that keeps up with your team's and customer's new needs.

Policies and Procedures

We'll help you to document policies and procedures which are scalable, serving your management and workforce through every stage of transition to remote work.

Employee and Management Training

We'll ensure that you have training processes in place that are effective: aligning your company's vision with your developing remote work culture.


We'll determine which reporting technologies are best suited to your remote management strategy.

Success Playbook

Having a Success Playbook in place will help you to align your teams, standardize your expectations, and systematically evaluate your performance strategy.