SwQuity.io will be the place where founders go to get shit done. Its the place where entrepreneurial-minded people will do interesting shit together.

This app is long overdue in our opinion. The place for founders to source tasks, fill key roles, launch market research surveys, and build a base of raving fans.

We are currently preparing our MVP product. Let us know if you’re interested in being part of our beta user group. Follow along on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on our progress.

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We need your feedback as we prepare for launch! Please support our Vision of building this unique platform for entrepreneurs by completing our survey. Select the appropriate button and answer about 10 questions.

Company Founders (existing company or planned venture)

Contributor (entrepreneurial types who want to work with and support start-ups)

You might be wondering…

Why SwQuity?

Short answer: because we wanted to participate in this type of community and nobody was doing it very well. So, we decided to build it ourselves.

Early stage founders need help and support. Finding people who share an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to contribute and complete tasks can be difficult. On traditional Social Media channels, there is too much friction creating difficulty in getting the right people together. Freelance sites focus on tasks alone and don’t facilitate real relationships.

What is SwQuity?

SwQuity is a get-shit-done platform that matches founders with skilled contributors to launch ventures. Within the platform, Founders recruit participants to help round out their teams, provide support, or complete tasks to launch their companies. 

Contributors look for opportunities to join interesting startups to polish their skills, build their portfolios or resumes, and earn money or equity for their participation.

When is SwQuity Launching?

We’re conducting our Voice-of-The-Market diligence to help us guide our MVP to launch for beta. In addition to research and conversations we are building our team of Co-Founders.

We expect to launch the beta version of the platform in Q4 2020.

I’m a Founder, What’s in it for me?

+ Get feedback on your business idea in near real-time.
+ Capture market feedback data quickly and efficiently.
+ Find supporters within the community to help spread the word
+ Build awareness among potential early adopters
+ Find skilled contributors to get stuff done
+ Build your team with entrepreneurs who buy into your Vision and are willing to take equity or other non-conventional compensation

I want to work with Startups, What’s in it for me?

+ Work on projects that align with your mission
+ Build your portfolio and experience as a freelancer or fractional contributor
+ Skill-up with real time projects
+ Help build cool stuff
+ Get entrepreneurial experience and learn lessons to apply to your own ideas
+ Early equity in companies that you believe have upside

Founding Team

SwQuity is the newest and likely biggest potential venture from Luke Williams. SwQuity is supported by
The Lightbulb Guys,LLC and Grab A Cloud

We are seeking additional co-founders. Ideally a CTO type and someone to help build the Contributor Community. 

Want to hear more about SwQuity, schedule a call with Luke below. 

Luke Williams

CEO / Founder

Ace Desai

CTO / Co-Founder

Ryan Getz


Paul Turner

Data Nerd

Now Seeking

Founding Team Members