Meet the Team

Our team is made up of individual entrepreneurs who come together to do great work for our clients. Meet our core team below.

Luke Williams

Operations & Entrepreneurship

Luke is a life-long entrepreneur with a direct communication style that challenges the status quo and helps entrepreneurs and leaders get the most out of their businesses.

Ariel Margolis

Education & Communication

Ariel is an experienced and talented educator, the founder of e-Learning Solved, and exactly the resource you want in your corner when building your training and communication systems for your staff.

Keaton Linder

Marketing & Social Media

Keaton Is a talented social media professional with a finger on the pulse of trends and a keen eye for what's around the corner. He helps clients put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Ryan Getz

Digital Nomad & Blockchain Authority

Ryan has been traveling the world for a decade as a digital nomad. He's worked on projects ranging from strategic marketing to complex blockchain.

Chris Berryman

Humanity & Employee Culture

Chris is a mission-driven connector who is working to improve workplace culture on business at a time through his Bringing Humanity Together initiative and communities.

Christia Nache

Coaching & Management

Christia is a pro at getting stuff done! She can give you the results you need without the wasted time of the fluff. She truly enjoys seeing the end results of hard work.

David Snyder

Mindreading & Neuromarketing

David is an expert consultant on neuromarketing analytics, employee engagement, and performance management. He uses advanced data analytics to improve employee engagement and connect employee performance metrics with desired business outcomes and KPIs.

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Vivian Mellon Snyder

Graphic Design and E-Commerce

Vivian is an expert in brand revision, public outreach, and digital marketing strategy. She creates a consistent voice and and visual language across a brand's website and social media platforms.

Evans Duren

Sales & Defining Success

Evans is a high-performing salesman and entrepreneur having found success in both the Fortune 15 and Tech Startup spaces. Over the years, he has worked with hundreds of clients only to discover his passion is not just sales, but to walk alongside others in their businesses as they step into the life they were uniquely created to live.

Ready To Work With Us?

As a relatively small team, we have limited availability. If you are ready to move forward you can complete this form to get started. Frankly, we don't have time to sell you on our services or go through a drawn-out process with a discovery call and other steps. If you are ready, we are ready.